Welcome to Book Sense 2023

BookSense is a derivation of the former Digi-Books site which was conceived on 13th April 2013 simply as a hobby (and certainly a moment of madness!) and has now grown to the become the leading e-Book provider on the planet.

Over the past few years we have seen many changes to the site and had a lot of problems that have kept my Team and I working long hours to resolve. Without my Team behind me this site would have been closed by now.

Regrettably the Team has now been dissolved so the care of this fantastic Library now sits solely in my lap.

Recent issues led to the closure of Digi-Books and the plan to shut down Book Sense on 31st January 2022. Behind that plan was our idea to launch BookSense 2023 which would be made available only to certain members. That however has now changed dramatically. The site is open to one and all. Thank you all for your support.

Where I go from here we are not too sure, but I always have new ideas formulating in the back of my mind as to how to provide a bigger and better experience.

I always seek new Team members who can spend a few hours a week to help build our Library, and of course as I am now back on my own then it is imperative that I find some assistance for the future of this website. I truly would like to think that someone out there may be able to take the site forward in order to preserve all the hard work that has been put into it. < br />
Whereas Digi-Books was funded by an annual subscription I had no intention of moving forward with that. However I still have to maintain the servers that host us on a monthly basis so I am are not averse to the occasional donation to help fund us no matter how little that may be.

Every penny donated goes to supporting the website. I do not take a salary. < br />
Thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart. Let's make 2023 the start of a whole new experience x