Soldier Of Fortune's Downfall

  • Author: Charlie Richards
Wolves Of Stone Ridge #18
Out of the Cage: Even the best laid plans can go awry, sometimes in the most wonderful of ways.

Raven cares about one person: himself—his comfort, his desires, and his freedom to do as he pleases. He’s fed up with scientist Sampson Marlow making decisions for him and ready to start a new chapter in his life. One last assignment goes horribly wrong, and he’s the one who ends up in a cage…of sorts.

Seeing the silent war between the two parties from the shifter’s point of view gets his conscience involved—not that he’d ever admit that to anyone. Upon escaping the wolves and returning to the scientist’s facility—fully intending to hand over his resignation—Raven finds himself drawn to a small Arctic Fox shifter held captive by the scientists. Although it puts Raven’s plans to move on and forget that paranormals exist on the back burner, he can’t seem to help himself.

Raven does something he never thought he’d do. He goes to the enemy for help in freeing the shifter. Raven just wants to return the little fox to his skulk. He sure as heck-fire ain’t gonna keep him. Then he’ll move on with his life. What could possibly go wrong?

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