On the Defensive

  • Author: Kerry J Donovan
Ryan Kaine #3
Ryan Kaine is on the defensive...

Kaine, a wanted man on the run, receives a mysterious text with an address and the terse message: “Help them”.

When unscrupulous men try to force Greek restaurateurs, the Constantines, out of their business and their home, they stand firm. That is until the head of the family, Orestes, is attacked and left fighting for his life. Their neighbours are running scared. The police are turning a blind eye.

With one of The 83 in trouble, Kaine flies straight back into the heart of danger, without a second thought.

Trying to avoid the attention of the thousands of facial recognition cameras installed in London, Kaine finds himself waist deep in a mesh of treachery, lies, and deception, caught in a fight to the death that he cannot — and will not — afford to lose.

If you like Lee Child, Mark Dawson and Robert Ludlum, you’re going to find the Ryan Kaine series compulsively addictive.

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