On the Money

  • Author: Kerry J Donovan
Ryan Kaine #5
Ryan Kaine is on the money…

When a member of The 83 dies in an apparent accident, Kaine knows better.

A faceless leader of a drug gang rules the dead man’s neighbourhood and Kaine and his partner, Lara Orchard, go undercover to discover the truth. Offering financial support to the dead man’s grandson, they draw the attention of the local crew. Before they can complete their mission, Lara is attacked, and all bets are off.

Kaine prepares to take on the gang alone, but Lara will not be side-lined by a bunch of street thugs. If Kaine needs her help, she’s sure as hell going to provide it.

Together, Kaine and Lara are about to serve justice to them all…

If you like Lee Child, Mark Dawson and Robert Ludlum, you’re going to find the Ryan Kaine series compulsively addictive.

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