Jack Rose

  • Author: J A Konrath
Jack Daniels #16
Welcome to SerialKillerCon!

The convention where true crime fans get to dress up like their favorite criminals, attend forensics seminars, and meet law enforcement legends.

Former cop Harry McGlade loves being a Guest of Honor.

Former cop Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels... not so much.

Jack hates being the center of attention. True crime groupies freak her out. And some of her police officer peers have serious envy issues.

But the surreal event goes from irritating to frightening when a storm traps everyone inside the conference hotel.

Then fans start getting gruesomely murdered, mimicking Jack's past serial killer cases.

Can two old ex-cops use their decades of experience to end the horror?

Or are Jack and Harry about to finally face a psychopath they can't stop?

Murder has its conventions...

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