A Lack Of Motive

  • Author: Stephen Penner
David Brunelle #8
Motive, means, opportunity. The solution to the classic whodunit. But what if the person "who done it" had no motive at all?

Tech mogul Neil Rappaport had everything any person could want: fame, riches, a mansion on the shores of Lake Washington. So why would he murder some nameless drifter in a parking garage under the booming downtown of Seattle's most affluent suburb? His lawyers argue he wouldn't, and therefore he didn't. But the admittedly grainy surveillance video seems to say otherwise.

Homicide D.A. encounters new friends, old flames, and a relentless defense attorney as he tries to hold a killer responsible. But how can he convince the jury that Rappaport committed the crime when he has to admit there's a complete LACK OF MOTIVE?

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